My Docker Compose Files

Jul 18, 2019 · 127 words · 1 minute read docker source code

I created a public GitHub repo to be informational and used as a reference for others when creating and managing multiple docker-compose files with Traefik acting as a reverse proxy.

I run my containers on an Alpine Linux virtual machine.

Check it out over on GitHub:


Container Description Additional
BitWarden_rs Password manager Hub
Matomo Website Analytics Hub
Media Automated media server - Deluge Jackett Radarr Sonarr ReadMe
Netdata Performance monitoring Hub
Nextcloud A safe home for all your data Hub
OpenVPN OpenVPN Server Work in progress
Organizr HTPC/Homelab services organizer Hub
Pi-hole Network based ad blocker Hub - Website
Relay Tor Relay Server Hub
Teamspeak Teamspeak 3 Server Hub
Traefik Traefik reverse proxy Hub - Docs
Warrior Archive Team warrior Hub
Watchtower Container auto-updates Hub

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